Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Low Thia Khiang insults Chiam See Tong: "见不得光 (Shameful)

Workers' Party Secretary-General Low Thia Khiang, the newly minted Aljunied GRC MP, has just launched a verbal insult to the respectable veteran Opposition Leader Chiam See Tong.

Chiam See Tong was the MP for Potong Pasir SMC for many years, before he left the ward to his wife to contest and formed a GRC team to contest in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

The Straits Times - 8 September 2011

"...Speaking to The Straits Times one month ahead of the opening of the 12th Parliament, he said: 'Let's not kid ourselves. Either you have a leader of the opposition, or you do not have it. There's no need to have an unofficial leader of the opposition.'

The secretary-general of WP, which now has six seats in Parliament after winning the five-member Aljunied GRC and the Hougang single-seat ward in the May General Election, added that the term sounded 'derogatory' to him, as it suggested that 'you only qualify as unofficial'.

'In Mandarin, we call it jian bu de guang,' he said, referring to the phrase that means something is considered shameful and therefore unmentionable.

The 'unofficial' title was given to Mr Chiam See Tong after the 1991 General Election, as he then led the Singapore Democratic Party, which held three out of four opposition seats. He accepted it..."

Uncle, you are the one that is 见不得光!

Low Thia Khiang, well-known for his boastful and crude behaviour, had launched the first salvo against all other Opposition parties.

Shortly after the General Election, former WP member Goh Meng Seng criticised the Workers' Party for not being cooperative to other Opposition political parties.

With 5 MPs and 2 NCMPs in Parliament, the Workers' Party (WP) is now the strongest Opposition party. It seems like Low Thia Khiang wants to be the OFFICIAL Leader of the Opposition. Would that happen?

"So you mean I can only be framed up?"

Vote for Low Thia Khiang. Vote for arrogance and disrespect!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pritam Singh thinks Politics is just a "theoretical exercise"

Seems like Pritam Singh of the Workers' Party had stepped out of the Party line when he gave a speech at a forum organised by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) on 8 July 2011. At the forum he said:

"There are 87 seats in Parliament. How many do we have right now? We've got six ... we will not be ready to form a government till we got 44 good candidates, who are elected by the people."

He added: "So, is that something we are working toward? Well, I think the short answer is yes."

After the forum, the first-term WP CEC member had to issue remarks to clarify himself so that he could toe the party line:

'Let's not rule out the prospects of the PAP being forced into coalition politics. And coalition governments don't mean things don't happen... (there) could be unity government... There is a huge political space there for us to actually think about, insofar as how politics in Singapore... is going forward.'

And to "draw a snake and add legs to it", Pritam said all what was discussed during the forum was just "theoretical exercise"...

Theoretical Exercise????
Theoretical Exercise???

Pritam, who is still schooling, might not have realised that Politics is not just a theoretical exercise. Unless... "First World Parliament" was also a "theoretical exercise". That, we thought was WP's very successful exercise.

When probed by The Sunday Times further, he had his "don't know what to say" moment:
Asked about the likelihood of the WP forming a coalition government, he said: 'That is something you should ask the PAP; that's for them or any other party in that position to decide.'

How could the PAP or "any other party" know the likelihood of the WP forming a coalition government?==> Is this another "theoretical exercise"?

Vote for Pritam Singh. Vote to run Singapore with a "theoretical exercise"!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Alex Tan Zhi Xiang forgets his commitment to Singaporeans

Alex Tan Zhi Xiang (Reform Party) was the "on loan" candidate from Singapore People's Party to Reform Party.

Prior to the Elections, he arrogantly declared to Singaporeans that he would leave Singapore if he didn't win the General Election 2011. However, he has forgotten his commitment.

The 24-year-old Insurance Agent was brought to fame when he posted vulgarities on Young PAP facebook, and later disclosed his unhappiness on being banned by the Administrators of the facebook.

He then became a writer for Temasek Review for a short stint.

A check on Temasek Review website indicates that Alex Tan has removed all the videos of his speeches done at Hong Lim Park. FYI, when he spoke, there were less than 5 people, despite the heavy publicity from Temasek Review.

All eyes are now on the next move from this Insurance Agent. It is disappointing for Singaporeans to know the Opposition doesn't hold themselves to their words.

Vote for Alex Tan Zhi Xiang. Vote for Arrogance.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vincent Wijeysingha regrets SDP's conduct during GE Campaigning

Vincent Wijeysingha (Singapore Democratic Party) was quoted in a foreign media, indirectly penalising SDP and some other political parties as to how they conducted their GE campaigning.

TWC2 executive director Vincent Wijeysingha, who lost as an opposition candidate in the May election, said the manner in which immigration was discussed during the campaign could hurt foreign workers even more.

"Unfortunately what the elections did, and we politicians must shoulder our share of responsibility for it, is that a xenophobic approach to foreigners could become widespread," Wijeysingha told AFP.

"In other countries, when a politician says something that could be viewed as xenophobic, a spike in hate crime sometimes results. It may not be entirely different in Singapore."

It seems there is a conflict of interest in Vincent Wijeysingha's involvement in the Singapore Democratic Party.

Vincent Wijeysingha thinks Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) while SDP says let foreign workers earn much lesser than Singaporeans by instituting minimum wage for Singaporeans, and to reduce foreign workers in Singapore.

Seems like Vincent Wijeysingha needs to reflect and make up his mind whether he is eligible to fight for foreign workers' rights when he is part of a political party that wants to purge them out of the Singapore system. We hope he will shoulder the responsibility.

Vote Vincent Wijeysingha, Vote for Irresponsibility.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Koh Choong Yong declined to reveal GE spending

My granny used to tell me, "Aiya, all the political rallies or are just wayang only. After GE, everyone won't do what they promise to do..."

Really? Let's examine the First World Parliament party:

The Workers' Party Aljunied GRC team was represented by two election agents, namely Mr Tan Soon Meng and Ms Ng Swee Bee. They said expenses for the five new MPs' campaign came up to a "six-figure" sum that was "comfortably within limits"....

Workers' Party candidate who stood in Sengkang West Single Member Constituency, Mr Koh Choong Yong also turned up for submissions of expenses. Mr Koh, who lost to PAP candidate Lam Pin Min, declined to reveal how much his expenses amounted to.

Whatever happened to all the transparency?

"comfortably within limits"???

Total valid vote count for Aljunied GRC was 132,118. Assuming we round off the figure to 140,000. Let's multiply the number of voters with the maximum spending allowed by the law ($3.50) = $490,000 ["six-figure" sum]

Whatever happened to all the transparency?

And Koh Choong Yong, you say it best... when you say nothing at all...

Ho Soak Harn just wants to be alternative voice

A Ms Ho Soak Harn (who's that?) made news today by saying that she is leaving Reform Party for good.

For those of you who is hearing this "Ho Soak Harn" name for the first time, she was actually the Head of the Women's Wing of the Reform Party before she quitted today.

According to Today Newspapers, Ho Soak Harn cited the reason of her departure from RP to join NSP because she has "close relationship" to some NSP members.

After some research, we found out the REAL reason:

The Online Citizen Article: “If you want alternative voices, go to the other political parties,” the MC added, “We intend to be the next government!” The crowd cheered.

Apparently, Ho Soak Harn just wants to be an alternative voice.

Vote Ho Soak Harn. Vote NSP for an alternative voice!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

James Gomez: I am Old Style

James Gomez really loves being in the limelight. In GE 2006, he did a wayang at the Election Department and won some sympathy votes.

In GE 2011, guess what he did?

Dr Gomez said: "The fact that people are reaching out directly to us online — now, this is the reality of electoral politics. This time round, Mr Khaw and his team are living in the relic — they’re relics of the past."

Shortly after GE 2011, when some maid got killed and dumped into a water tank in Woodlands, James Gomez became old style:

Vote for James Gomez. Vote for Old Style!