Saturday, July 2, 2011

Alex Tan Zhi Xiang forgets his commitment to Singaporeans

Alex Tan Zhi Xiang (Reform Party) was the "on loan" candidate from Singapore People's Party to Reform Party.

Prior to the Elections, he arrogantly declared to Singaporeans that he would leave Singapore if he didn't win the General Election 2011. However, he has forgotten his commitment.

The 24-year-old Insurance Agent was brought to fame when he posted vulgarities on Young PAP facebook, and later disclosed his unhappiness on being banned by the Administrators of the facebook.

He then became a writer for Temasek Review for a short stint.

A check on Temasek Review website indicates that Alex Tan has removed all the videos of his speeches done at Hong Lim Park. FYI, when he spoke, there were less than 5 people, despite the heavy publicity from Temasek Review.

All eyes are now on the next move from this Insurance Agent. It is disappointing for Singaporeans to know the Opposition doesn't hold themselves to their words.

Vote for Alex Tan Zhi Xiang. Vote for Arrogance.

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