Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vincent Wijeysingha regrets SDP's conduct during GE Campaigning

Vincent Wijeysingha (Singapore Democratic Party) was quoted in a foreign media, indirectly penalising SDP and some other political parties as to how they conducted their GE campaigning.

TWC2 executive director Vincent Wijeysingha, who lost as an opposition candidate in the May election, said the manner in which immigration was discussed during the campaign could hurt foreign workers even more.

"Unfortunately what the elections did, and we politicians must shoulder our share of responsibility for it, is that a xenophobic approach to foreigners could become widespread," Wijeysingha told AFP.

"In other countries, when a politician says something that could be viewed as xenophobic, a spike in hate crime sometimes results. It may not be entirely different in Singapore."

It seems there is a conflict of interest in Vincent Wijeysingha's involvement in the Singapore Democratic Party.

Vincent Wijeysingha thinks Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) while SDP says let foreign workers earn much lesser than Singaporeans by instituting minimum wage for Singaporeans, and to reduce foreign workers in Singapore.

Seems like Vincent Wijeysingha needs to reflect and make up his mind whether he is eligible to fight for foreign workers' rights when he is part of a political party that wants to purge them out of the Singapore system. We hope he will shoulder the responsibility.

Vote Vincent Wijeysingha, Vote for Irresponsibility.

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