Friday, June 3, 2011

Chen Show Mao will build North East Line extension to Aljunied

I sometimes wonder if Chen Show Mao (Workers' Party) is a civil engineer instead of a lawyer.

In his speech in GE 2011, Chen Show Mao confidently said that "plans for the North East Line will carry on."

One wonders if he is suggesting that he will build the North East Line to fully connect Aljunied. How is he going to do that?

Check out 07:41 in this --

Let's take a good look at our soon-to-be-abstract-art MRT map:

A quick glance at the Land Transport Authority website will show that the new MRT lines that will kick in at Aljunied is the Downtown Line!

Mr Chen Show Mao, I bet Aljunied residents will now hold u accountable for your promise to connect them with North East Line.

Vote for First World Parliament, that can extend the North East Line to your door step!

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  1. He only needs to talk and ends up PAP does ALL the work...if can't be done (even when it can't be done), he will score another point by saying what they are best "See! It's PAP Fault!" ... same old words...same old tricks.