Friday, June 3, 2011

Benjamin Pwee: Low GE Spending to save Environment

Benjamin Pwee (Singapore People's Party) was proud of the party's low spending during the General Election in 2011, so much so that he had to find an attractive reason to respond to queries from the press.

He was quoted in Channel NewsAsia --

"The SPP chose not to overdo our collaterals not just because of cost but in recognition of the need to be environmentally friendly," said team member Benjamin Pwee.

One wonders what would happen to the constituency if SPP won....

  • HDB corridor lights shut off at night to save electricity
  • Mangoes from trees would be used to make biodiesel
  • Airconditioning banned
  • Carbon emission tax scheme for constituents
  • And botaks get utility discounts because they use less water on hair or no hair.

Vote SPP.... please.

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