Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ho Soak Harn just wants to be alternative voice

A Ms Ho Soak Harn (who's that?) made news today by saying that she is leaving Reform Party for good.

For those of you who is hearing this "Ho Soak Harn" name for the first time, she was actually the Head of the Women's Wing of the Reform Party before she quitted today.

According to Today Newspapers, Ho Soak Harn cited the reason of her departure from RP to join NSP because she has "close relationship" to some NSP members.

After some research, we found out the REAL reason:

The Online Citizen Article: “If you want alternative voices, go to the other political parties,” the MC added, “We intend to be the next government!” The crowd cheered.

Apparently, Ho Soak Harn just wants to be an alternative voice.

Vote Ho Soak Harn. Vote NSP for an alternative voice!

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