Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vincent Wijeysingha regrets SDP's conduct during GE Campaigning

Vincent Wijeysingha (Singapore Democratic Party) was quoted in a foreign media, indirectly penalising SDP and some other political parties as to how they conducted their GE campaigning.

TWC2 executive director Vincent Wijeysingha, who lost as an opposition candidate in the May election, said the manner in which immigration was discussed during the campaign could hurt foreign workers even more.

"Unfortunately what the elections did, and we politicians must shoulder our share of responsibility for it, is that a xenophobic approach to foreigners could become widespread," Wijeysingha told AFP.

"In other countries, when a politician says something that could be viewed as xenophobic, a spike in hate crime sometimes results. It may not be entirely different in Singapore."

It seems there is a conflict of interest in Vincent Wijeysingha's involvement in the Singapore Democratic Party.

Vincent Wijeysingha thinks Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) while SDP says let foreign workers earn much lesser than Singaporeans by instituting minimum wage for Singaporeans, and to reduce foreign workers in Singapore.

Seems like Vincent Wijeysingha needs to reflect and make up his mind whether he is eligible to fight for foreign workers' rights when he is part of a political party that wants to purge them out of the Singapore system. We hope he will shoulder the responsibility.

Vote Vincent Wijeysingha, Vote for Irresponsibility.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Koh Choong Yong declined to reveal GE spending

My granny used to tell me, "Aiya, all the political rallies or are just wayang only. After GE, everyone won't do what they promise to do..."

Really? Let's examine the First World Parliament party:

The Workers' Party Aljunied GRC team was represented by two election agents, namely Mr Tan Soon Meng and Ms Ng Swee Bee. They said expenses for the five new MPs' campaign came up to a "six-figure" sum that was "comfortably within limits"....

Workers' Party candidate who stood in Sengkang West Single Member Constituency, Mr Koh Choong Yong also turned up for submissions of expenses. Mr Koh, who lost to PAP candidate Lam Pin Min, declined to reveal how much his expenses amounted to.

Whatever happened to all the transparency?

"comfortably within limits"???

Total valid vote count for Aljunied GRC was 132,118. Assuming we round off the figure to 140,000. Let's multiply the number of voters with the maximum spending allowed by the law ($3.50) = $490,000 ["six-figure" sum]

Whatever happened to all the transparency?

And Koh Choong Yong, you say it best... when you say nothing at all...

Ho Soak Harn just wants to be alternative voice

A Ms Ho Soak Harn (who's that?) made news today by saying that she is leaving Reform Party for good.

For those of you who is hearing this "Ho Soak Harn" name for the first time, she was actually the Head of the Women's Wing of the Reform Party before she quitted today.

According to Today Newspapers, Ho Soak Harn cited the reason of her departure from RP to join NSP because she has "close relationship" to some NSP members.

After some research, we found out the REAL reason:

The Online Citizen Article: “If you want alternative voices, go to the other political parties,” the MC added, “We intend to be the next government!” The crowd cheered.

Apparently, Ho Soak Harn just wants to be an alternative voice.

Vote Ho Soak Harn. Vote NSP for an alternative voice!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

James Gomez: I am Old Style

James Gomez really loves being in the limelight. In GE 2006, he did a wayang at the Election Department and won some sympathy votes.

In GE 2011, guess what he did?

Dr Gomez said: "The fact that people are reaching out directly to us online — now, this is the reality of electoral politics. This time round, Mr Khaw and his team are living in the relic — they’re relics of the past."

Shortly after GE 2011, when some maid got killed and dumped into a water tank in Woodlands, James Gomez became old style:

Vote for James Gomez. Vote for Old Style!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tan Kin Lian can't wait to be President

Tan Kin Lian seems to be itching for a fight in the Presidential Election 2011.

In 2008, when asked by the media on whether he would be standing for election, it was reported that:

'... he would consider running if someone else started a petition supporting his bid and at least 100,000 people signed it.'

However, yesterday he told the press that:

'more than 100 people e-mailed him over the past few months urging him to run.'

and that he asked his friend, Png Eng Huat (Workers' Party) to collect the form for him...

Perhaps he lowered his expectations since he might wait until the cow comes home for the rest of the 99,900 to start calling him.

But one thing for sure.... he got his Worker Png to help him with his errands.

Chen Show Mao will build North East Line extension to Aljunied

I sometimes wonder if Chen Show Mao (Workers' Party) is a civil engineer instead of a lawyer.

In his speech in GE 2011, Chen Show Mao confidently said that "plans for the North East Line will carry on."

One wonders if he is suggesting that he will build the North East Line to fully connect Aljunied. How is he going to do that?

Check out 07:41 in this --

Let's take a good look at our soon-to-be-abstract-art MRT map:

A quick glance at the Land Transport Authority website will show that the new MRT lines that will kick in at Aljunied is the Downtown Line!

Mr Chen Show Mao, I bet Aljunied residents will now hold u accountable for your promise to connect them with North East Line.

Vote for First World Parliament, that can extend the North East Line to your door step!

Benjamin Pwee: Low GE Spending to save Environment

Benjamin Pwee (Singapore People's Party) was proud of the party's low spending during the General Election in 2011, so much so that he had to find an attractive reason to respond to queries from the press.

He was quoted in Channel NewsAsia --

"The SPP chose not to overdo our collaterals not just because of cost but in recognition of the need to be environmentally friendly," said team member Benjamin Pwee.

One wonders what would happen to the constituency if SPP won....

  • HDB corridor lights shut off at night to save electricity
  • Mangoes from trees would be used to make biodiesel
  • Airconditioning banned
  • Carbon emission tax scheme for constituents
  • And botaks get utility discounts because they use less water on hair or no hair.

Vote SPP.... please.